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First Home Group is backed by Schroeder Capital and eChoice Home Loans.

Schroeder Capital is one of Australia’s largest boutique financial planning companies. eChoice Home Loans, an industry leader, is an ASX-listed company.

Sean Lewis – Director

Sean Lewis is a property and investment strategist, who is the Director and founder of  Macquarie First, Aspire Wealth Services and First Home Group.

He is a fully-licensed real estate agent, financial advisor, mortgage broker, and a property investor. And for good measure, he’s also a Justice of the Peace.

Sean has spent the better part of his life to become one of the best in his field, with 25 years’ experience in financial services, 13 years in financial planning, and 11 years in mortgage broking. He is also currently studying his Masters in Financial Planning at Griffith University.

He has a well-earned reputation as an astute, reliable and forward-thinking adviser, focused on finding the very best solutions for his clients’ financial needs.

No matter which hat he’s wearing, Sean’s business philosophy is simple: there needs to be an equilibrium between making money and helping people. Good karma is his guiding light, and he is a strong believer that when you help others, it comes back to you. This approach has led Sean to find lifelong friends in his clients.

Sean’s life lessons were brutal. He suffered massive losses in the GFC — his houses, his investment properties, and his marriage. He felt let down by the system, and now he’s hell-bent on making sure other people don’t make the same mistakes.

Today, Sean lives in beautiful Nelson Bay, on the southern shore of Port Stephens in NSW. Although the business operates out of an office in Adamstown, Sean finds deep satisfaction in working from home. He’s grateful for today’s technology that allows him to help clients anywhere in the world, and at the same time allows him to spend more time with his children.

At the end of a long day, he likes to pour himself a glass of good win and sit on his veranda overlooking a 200-acre property. Some days he walks the 10 minutes to the beach to listen to the waves and look for business inspiration, or takes his boat out to sea.


Nicholas Ridgway

Nicholas has over 10 years experience in the finance sector and joined our team to cater for our clients specialist finance needs.

Nicholas is driven by success, motivating him to excel at what he does. His passion for delivering beyond what is expected sets him apart from other sales professionals. Settling for anything less than exceptional is not acceptable to him, and really does show in the quality of how he present himself, his level of product knowledge and standard of customer service.

Through his career he has displayed an aptitude for handling difficult accounts and situations, competently gaining the confidence of others and effectively identifying solutions to create impressive outcomes.

He values direct dialogue and when applied with an attentive manner, quickly establish clear lines of communication creating a professional image of communication.

Nick’s qualifications include Diploma in Commercail Finance and a Certificate IV in financial services


Denis Phelan

Denis has been in the Financial/Property sector for over 25 years from Finance Broker to Real Estate Agent and all points in between. Denis joined our team to offer our clients his specialist knowledge in purchasing properties for both owner occupied and investment purposes.

He has found that experience counts for nothing unless you are able to share that experience in a beneficial manner with your clients, something he is proud to say he does.

Excellent financial profit management and sales skills acquired from extensive experience in Realty Sales, both Commercial and Industrial, and Finance Brokering.

Strong organisation, planning, problem solving and decision making skills.

Capacity to think creatively between the lines and with vision for the future.

Denis has the ability to introduce Clients to the concept of building a property portfolio quickly and efficiently with the minimum of fuss and expense, is second to none.

As is his ability to explain in depth how to reduce the amount of time to pay off your own mortgage, reduce the amount of tax you have to pay and set you up for retirement.

Denis’s qualifications include being a Licensed Real Estate Agent.


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